Love Birds of Regent’s Park

Ruth J.

Lucy Ashbrook is sketching birds at the Bird Sanctuary when her heart is stolen. But Oliver Barrow, the Sanctuary worker who sweeps her off her feet is not the sort of man her father will ever approve.  Oliver loves working at the Sanctuary, especially now that the mesmerizing Miss Ashbrook has begun to join him there. As they fall in love, Oliver knows he needs to tell her the truth about himself, but not yet. Unfortunately, her father has chosen Lord Conrad Lofton as a suitor for Lucy.  Will Oliver and Lucy get their happily ever after or will Lord Lofton win Lucy in the end?

A sweet and clean regency romance, "Love Birds of Regent’s Park" is a great read for a cozy afternoon! Lucy and Oliver are adorable together and the side romance between Lucy’s maid Anna and Oliver’s Sanctuary friend Mr. Warner is equally delightful. The antagonist is appropriately scheming and manipulative, if never particularly scary or troublesome. The romance moves along at a steady pace with some of the usual confusion due to secrets, therefore making the story predictable. Although this story is not particularly new, the relationships between the protagonists and their fathers are rather interesting and at one point, the reader might find themselves cheering when Oliver’s father becomes involved. Overall, a simple but good read for regency romance lovers!

Sarah E Bradley