To Love and Comfort (Western Vows #4)


Margot Fleur doesn’t know where she belongs in the world. Her mother is dead and the man she desperately wants to call Father won’t reveal his reasons for not adopting her. To top it off, she’s dealing with a permanent injury that makes it difficult for her to walk. Tyler wants to be the man she loves, but she keeps pushing him away, fearing she isn’t good enough for him. Can he make her see they were always meant to be together?


This book takes place in a small western town and the author excels at making it easy to imagine the people and places. Our heroine, Margot, has a lot on her plate as she deals with a life-altering injury, prejudice, kidnapping, death, long-lost relatives, and family secrets. With so many plot points, it was impossible to keep an even pace and several parts of the novel dragged. Perhaps it would have been better to concentrate on the aftermath of one or two of those events and let the reader really experience the emotions with the characters. However, the cast all has depth and heart, although it was easier to like Tyler as he tried again and again to win stubborn Margot’s heart. There were a lot of noticeable editing errors and spelling mistakes that could take the reader out of the story, but the author has an easy writing style that will attract western adventure readers.


Kate Campbell