A Lot Like a Lady

Kay Springsteen 
Kim Bowman
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Juliet Baines isn’t sure how she managed to get herself into such a mess. One day, she was a servant on the country estate of  Graeme "Grey" Roland Dominick Markwythe, also known as the Sixth Duke of Wyndham, and the next day, she’s in London, pretending to be the duke’s stepsister. But as the days progress, the subterfuge becomes intolerable, mostly because of her growing feelings for Grey.
Grey isn’t happy for the intrusion. He wants nothing to do with his father’s second wife or her progeny. However, there is something in Juliet that attracts him, even though he knows she’s hiding things from him.
This is an unusual concept for a story.  A heroine who is a servant (not a noblewoman in disguise) is not something one comes across often. Understandable, because a love match between nobles was rarely heard of in those times, a nobleman marrying a commoner  – impossible! Barring that fact, this story is told in a manner that makes it somewhat understandable. Grey didn’t simply disregard the fact that she was a servant, it took him a while to come to terms with all that the station entails. The downfall in this book is Juliet. Her character is incredibly difficult to understand, at times she is fiery and outspoken, then suddenly she becomes meek and shy.  There are also times when  the story drags a bit, but overall it is an enjoyable read. The highlight is seeing Grey mature from a cold and arrogant aristocrat to a man so changed that he will do whatever it takes to be with the woman he loves.  Ah, romance!
Ana Smith