Lost Lord of Castle Black (The Lost Lords Book One)


Long after he was believed to have been lost at sea, Graham Blackmore returns to reclaim his title. During his disappearance, his mother has had to keep those who would have his title at bay, with the help of her ward, Beatrice Marlowe. With his memory gone, Graham has to fight to fill the holes in his memory — and to prove that he is, in fact, the lost Lord Blackmore. Beatrice feels an attraction to him that she cannot fight, but she is torn between her feelings for him, and her fear that he is not who he seems. 

An enigmatic romance featuring shady characters attempting to steal a title, “Lost Lord of Castle Black” has a cast of diverse characters who are well presented and portrayed. Author Chastity Bowlin gives readers an intriguing beginning to her Lost Lords series with Beatrice and Graham's story.  A tendency by the author to tell the reader rather than show detract from the story, and the amnesiac trope is one that has been done quite often, and is perhaps a  little clichéd.  Aside from this, the book is a passion-filled rollercoaster ride, full of romance and danger — a promising start to the series! 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick