The Lost Letter: A Victorian Romance


Sylvia Stafford has long since given up on love. After her father’s suicide ended  her hopes of marriage and family, she is seeking simply to be content. Her position as governess to a kind family has to be enough — and it is, until her past love's sister desperately seeks Sylvia's help. Colonel Sebastian Conrad is hiding from the world after being wounded during the Sepoy Rebellion. With a scarred face, and an earldom he does not want, Sylvia’s reappearance in his life seems like a cruel trick. His sister is intent on meddling, however, and when Sylvia forces him out of seclusion, the sparks of an old love are reignited.  Perhaps  happily-ever-after is not impossible after all.

"The Lost Letter" is a beauty and the beast tale set in Victorian England. Sylvia is destitute, ruined by her own father, but still beautiful and kind. Sebastian is no longer the humble second son, and his scars and their origin haunt him. The story is very emotional and the characters seem to come alive within it, although the plot is rather basic and predictable, with little conflict. Still, the relationship between the main characters is sweet and clean. Sebastian’s sister is the true star of the book though, and most of the plot movement is due to her. Overall, this is a sweet and emotional rendition of an old fairy tale.

Sarah E Bradley