Lost in Laredo (Paradise Valley Book 3)


Cowpuncher Antonio Sanchez has a problem. He has worked hard for over a year to provide a home in the Montana Territory for his wife and daughter.  Now after nearly a year, with no word from his family, Antonio has determined to retrace his route to Texas where he left them. He is sure something is wrong; and cannot forgive himself for leaving.  The Wild West is a dangerous place for a cowboy traveling alone, but more so for a woman.  This is even truer for Lotte Veldon, a beautiful woman who has emigrated from Holland to pioneer the west with her husband and family.  However, providence sometimes allows: Antonio and Lotte meet and the unlikely duo form a formidable team. Together they must face ruthless bandits and raging mobs, the ragged edge of American’s frontier. More importantly, they must face the feelings growing between them.

“Lost in Laredo” is the third book in the “Paradise Valley Series.”  It is not necessary to read the other two books, as this book stands alone nicely.  Vivi Holt does a superb job unveiling the edgy vitality necessary to conquer the American west. All her characters have their own unique voice. However, at times, the characters’ dialogue can be a bit too predictable, leaving them feeling one-dimensional.  While charming, Lotte’s responses to situations seems plastic on one hand, or over the top, the next.  

In general, the book is entertaining and Ms. Holt’s familiarity with the era’s styles, customs and colloquialisms will have any lover of western romance charmed from start to finish.

Kimberly Gunvaldson