Lord Vile (Beastly Lords Book 3)

Sydney Jane

Lady Ada Kathryn Ellis, debutante and daughter of a Baron, is enthralled with London’s mid-eighteenth-century high society. Or she would be, if she could attract the attention of Viscount Michael Alder. It was love at first sight and even though he was supposed to marry her best friend’s sister, it didn’t matter. He is the standard, no one else comes close. Michael, on the other hand, is a broken man. Too absorbed in his own grief to notice any woman, save the occasional bar wrench or the easily distracted grieving widow.  But one chance encounter may change Ada and Michael’s futures and their fortunes. Will fate be kind or cruel? When hearts are guarded and bent on revenge, even love may not be enough to stem the tide.

Sydney Jane Baily’s “Lord Vile,” third in the series “Beastly Lords,” is a stand-alone novel; reading the previous novels is not necessary. Ms. Bailey has brilliantly upended the predictable formulaic romance, giving the reader a refreshing new perspective on the term ‘hard to get.’ Set in the mid 1800’s during a time when women operated on the verge of society, Ms. Bailey’s heroine is captivatingly bold, while discreet. Equally paradoxical, Lord Vile’s character blurs lines between chivalry and scoundrel, leaving readers appalled and disappointed one moment; only to find themselves cheering his transformation the next. Ms. Bailey’s honest portrayal of the period, and her cleverly crafted ancillary characters, fill out this novel all true romance fans will rave about.

“Lord Vile” will not disappoint those familiar with the series, and will most definitely entice a new audience to explore the “Beastly Lords” series from its beginning.

Kimberly Gunvaldson