Lord Misery – Beastly Lords, Book 5

Sydney Jane

Months after losing his beloved wife in a horrific train accident, Lord Jameson Turner remains inconsolably devastated. He haunts his country estate in Sheffield, England until he receives an unwelcome and surprising visit from an unusual, beautiful, Shakespeare-quoting, young lady. Miss Maisie Darrow challenges herself to bring the miserable viscount out of his desolate state and falls hopelessly in love with Jameson during her quest. After an altercation during a Season’s event, the two are caught in a compromising position her brother Ned uses to ensure his sister’s engagement. Will she become the wife of a man still in love with his dead wife, or will their unlikely friendship lead them to love, erasing sorrow with joy? In the words of that famous bard… “The course of true love never did run smooth.”

Despite the title, the fifth installment of Ms. Baily’s Beastly Lords series is a delightful regency romance! Shakespeare fans will enjoy the insertion of quotes from his works that turns the dialogue between two engaging characters into superb banter. The world of 19th century English society is an enchanting backdrop to a unique story filled with grief, humor, psychosis, and romance.  The gentlemen are gallant, and the ladies are spunky. The love scenes are tingly, and the drama is compelling. A lecherous villain, a chivalrous friend, quirky cousins, and haughty butlers round out the extra characters readers will find true pleasure in. To quote old Will… “I am giddy, expectation whirls me round. The imaginary relish is so sweet, that it enchants my sense.” Translation, readers will be giddy with expectation for the next enchanting installment of Sydney Jane Baily’s Beastly Lords!

Tonya Mathenia