Lord of Hearts (Lords of the Borders #1)


Gerard of Malmsbury is a self-made English knight and the new lord of spectacular Tangwyl Castle. Marared is a prideful, recalcitrant Welsh chieftain’s daughter. To end the bad blood between Welsh and English, a deal is struck: Gerard will take Marared as his bride and peace will reign in the realm. All seem happy with the arrangement, except Marared. She can’t see her kind and handsome new husband as anything but the despised enemy. Despite their strong mutual attraction, denying her groom her maidenhead might be the least of their problems. Even as she loses her heart to her brave and humble knight, she’ll do anything to get out of the marriage deal. Can their love survive mounting treachery? Can the region survive the potential destruction their volatile joining wreaks? Maybe the best love matches are forged in fire.

Buckle up readers, because this enemies-to-lovers tale is the venomous, resentful, back-stabbing real McCoy! Marared is beyond feisty, she’s downright dangerous. Gerard is strong and capable, but his patience is pushed way passed its limits. Readers looking for a High Middle Ages love story with bite will delight in this high-stakes, twisting tale. Castles crown the beautifully described landscape, and the characters are infused with believable flaws and vulnerabilities. Some readers may find the heroine difficult to like, but the much-needed character growth is delivered eventually. More editing issues than normal might hamper the flow, but the sizzling romance and shocking betrayals keep the pages turning quickly. There is a slight trigger warning for the threat of rape, but no violation occurs. The Middle Ages were a bumpy ride and so is this adventure-filled story.

Starling Gray