Lord Haversham Takes Command


Harry, Lord Haversham has returned to England, but Mira Crenshaw hardly recognizes him. Gone is the strong, masculine young man she knew and fell in love with. In his place is a foolish fop who wears far too much lace and insists on being called Bertie.  Her hopes that she will have her long-awaited betrothal and marriage to her child sweetheart are dashed, and the pressure of an unwanted, promised betrothal to her cousin, the new Duke of Marcross, increases.  Mira wants to believe Harry is still the man she loves, and occasionally he peeks through this idiotic façade.  She can’t give up on her beloved Harry that easily. Harry is still the same man that Mira fell for, but his role as a secret protector of the new Queen, Victoria, requires him to play the foolish Bertie. His heart is torn between his love for Mira and loyalty to the English Monarch.  Can he win his true love back and complete his mission?

This book begins with an awkward and confusing barrage of historical colloquialisms.  However, amusing wit and interesting characters quickly charm the reader. Harry is adorable; while his idiotic behavior as Bertie makes the reader laugh and cringe.  Mira’s confused, yet determined belief in Harry is endearing.  The secondary characters are well developed and add texture to the novel.  Lord Haversham Takes Command is slapstick-style comedy of errors that may not suit readers who don’t appreciate zany humor. However, readers looking for a fun historical romance will enjoy it.


Danielle Hill