Lord of Forever (Lords of the Borders Book3)


During a tournament, Nicholas Breutel is offered a chance to fight an enemy lord. After winning the tournament, Nicholas goes to stay at one of the lord’s holdings. When Nicholas is tasked with finding cattle that were stolen by the Welsh, he comes upon a small entourage containing Cristyn Ferch Hywel. Nicholas at first thinks Cristyn is a boy, but after catching her, he realizes his mistake. So, Nicholas takes Cristyn hostage, planning on ransoming her. The more Nicholas gets to know Cristyn, the more he can’t let her go, even though she is supposed to be his adversary. Somehow, love blossoms between the two when it shouldn’t. What Nicholas and Cristyn are feeling could cause war and put everyone, including them, in danger.

Ms. Gillgannon has written a highly intriguing medieval enemies-to-lovers tale! The locations are lushly drawn and easily imagined. The battles between England and Wales are vividly described. Unfortunately, the plot and time frame jump around, causing the writing to feel choppy. Many things aren’t explained, so there is some confusion about what is actually going on at times. Nicholas and Cristyn spend most of the time apart, even though they do feel something for each other. So, the fledging relationship between them never seems believable, nor is there really anything there. When Nicholas and Cristyn are finally intimate, it is a bit of a relief even though it doesn’t foster a strong kinship. Readers will not sense a connection except when everyone else is fighting. It would have been better as a historical story, not as a romance. An exciting, turbulent tale that is quite a roller coaster of a read!

Roslynn Ernst