Lord Darkness (Beastly Lords Book 4)

Sydney Jane

Lord Christopher Westing is one of the most sought-after bachelors in London society. Just when he believes that everything is coming together for him, an accident leaves him blind and as darkness takes over his sight, it takes over his mood and life too. Lady Jane Chatley is coming to an age where she should be married and settled. However, after a chance encounter with Lord Westing and a kiss she cannot forget, Jane sees light at the end of the tunnel. Can Jane make Westing see that even without his sight life is worth living, or will the darkness drive away the one person who wants to be with him?

From the first page, “Lord Darkness” thrusts the reader into high society. What really stands out are a few laugh-out-loud dialogue moments between the gentlemen. The meeting between Lord Westing and Lady Jane is very sweet and immediately there is a need for them to get together. Just when things are going well, Lord Darkness has his accident and the tension really begins. The plot moves at an even and decent pace. The dialogue is perfect for the period in which the book is set. Despite being part of a series, this book works as a standalone. "Lord Darkness" is a beautiful historical romance that will be a popular fall read.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick