The Lion of the North (De Wolf Pack)

Le Veque

MEDIEVAL:  The largest, bloodiest battle ever fought on English soil, the Battle of Towton during the War of the Roses, was pivotal not only to the Duke of York’s succession to the throne, but the losses felt by the Lancastrian supporters.  Sir Atticus de Wolf, The Lion of the North, lost not only his men, but his best friend and older brother, Titus.  With his dying breath, Sir Titus de Wolfe requests Atticus’ protection of his most beloved possession…his wife.  Newlywed Lady Isabeau de Wolfe loved her husband despite the brevity of their relationship and is staggered by his death.  But sorrow turns to animosity when Atticus insists they marry to fulfill his brother’s request.


An incisive depiction of chivalry and honor, “The Lion of the North” will thrill history buffs across the board!  In this medieval tale of knights, the author captures imaginations as to the heraldry and pageantry of troop movements during this gruesome period of time.  Vivid detail abounds for both Atticus and Isabeau’s characters making them three dimensional in a world governed by tradition and rules. However, readers might feel mired in the emotional reiteration of Atticus and Isabeau’s inner turmoil.  Light copy editing corrections would improve the overall flow.  The research into this era in addition to the attention to detail of bloody sieges shows the author's dedication to the craft.  Kudos!  

Roberta Gordon