Lightning and Lawmen (Baker City Brides Book 5)


When Delilah Robbins accompanies her father to Baker City, Oregon, she's expecting it to be dull. She is pleasantly surprised, however, when she finds the city is fun and exciting. It also has a location for her to turn into a sanctuary for her birds. As she settles in, two deputies develop feelings for her. Deputy Dugan Durfey didn't intend to fall for the new arrival, but one look at her and he's smitten. The more time they spend together, the more his feelings deepen for the meteorologist’s daughter. He will battle a lot to reveal his feelings for her. Will they get their happily ever after?

From the first page, this book pulls readers into Delilah's story and how she feels about the move to a new city. Shanna Hatfield has a wonderful way of describing characters’ emotions so that their feelings jump off the page. Readers will find this book a nice western love story that will be enjoyed by fans of western romance or those who have never read the genre before. The vast array of characters is well presented, and the plot moves at an even pace. There are some difficulties with grammar and punctuation that take away from the otherwise smooth prose of the book. This addition to the series will have people going back to read the other books in the series. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick