The Lieutenant and the Lady (The Blue Rose Regency Romances: The Culpepper Misses Book 5)


Blaire Culpepper just can’t believe the rumors! After returning to England, she discovers that the rumors are true. The man she loves is courting another woman. Daphne Trudeau is indeed beautiful, but something 's not quite right. Julian never intended to be in this position, but after his brother died in an accident, he became the heir to the estate. He feels duty-bound to marry Daphne because she carries his brother’s child, but he has strong feelings for Blaire. One stormy night, Blaire’s coach happens upon an overturned carriage which Blaire discovers is carrying Daphne, Daphne’s mother, and Julian. Julian is injured and loses his memory. Blaire tends to him only to discover that lies and deceit surround them and could very well put Julian in danger! 

Ms. Collette Cameron has done it again! This story is a beautiful weave of history, romance, and suspense! Readers will not be able to put it down, especially since the characters are so engaging. Blaire takes pride in being able to remain calm in situations and not weeping like other girls. She also recognizes her own flaws, which makes her a wonderfully likable character. And Julian is such a gentleman. He truly cares about those around him and takes pride in honor and duty. Together, their love is so pure it’s hypnotizing! They aren’t the only stars either. The villains in this story are unbelievable! They are the type of villains readers love to hate and can’t wait to see their demise. This story will pull the reader in from the very first page and tantalize them to the very last chapter!

Amanda Hupe