Letters to a Lover - Crime and Passion, Book 2


After a passionate courtship, an eight-year marriage, and two rambunctious children; Azalea and Eric, Viscountess and Viscount Trench, drift apart. So when Eric interrupts a private moment between his wife and a man she's just drenched with tea, they both believe an attempted love affair has come to a disastrous end. Eric is convinced their relationship’s distance and Azalea is unsure due to memory gaps if there’s an affair to be concerned about. When Azalea receives a blackmail threat about love letters, she pays because she can't remember if she wrote them. With the help of her sister and brother-in-law, Azalea hopes to thwart her blackmailer without her husband knowing. Her attempt fails and Eric gallantly joins the investigation to protect Azalea’s reputation and win back the wife he still loves.

Forgotten time, blackmail, and a marriage slump work together giving "Letters to a Lover" a splendid twist to a historical romance hard to put down! A married couple’s realization that the spark of their love hasn’t burnt out combined with unconventional methods to uncover a blackmailer makes this tale a delightful romp. The pompous rules of the aristocracy are a bit tedious and their inclusion isn’t really necessary to fans of the genre, they must be included to explain the inhibitions and actions taken. There are a few dragging scenes that are a small distraction. Unique and not too shy, secondary characters shine. This tale can be read as a standalone, however the desire to read the first installment will be hard to resist. Ms. Lancaster writes a compelling, character driven story filled with longing, humor, intrigue, and mystery readers will enjoy solving!

Tonya Mathenia