A Lawman’s Honor


When Charlotte Johnson is sentenced to three years in a women’s prison for defending herself against an aggressive client who wants to take advantage of her, she knows there is only one way out: escaping. Her friends prepare her journey, and she ends in Jefferson, Texas; however, things don’t go as planned. She is meant to stay with one of her friends’ sister, but when Charlotte reaches Jefferson, the sister has moved out. On the other hand, Marshal Maxwell, the law in Jefferson, lost her wife recently and needs a housekeeper who will watch his three children, something he has failed to do so far due to their behavior. When Charlotte (or Liberty Buchanan, the name she uses now) finds herself homeless, with no-one else to turn to, Marshal Maxwell offers her a job as his new housekeeper.

 “A Lawman’s Honor” certainly starts off with a bang. The situation Charlotte is in from the very beginning leaves the reader desperately wanting to know how it will be resolved. This book starts as a typical crime novel but turns out to be an interesting mixture of crime, love and hope. Ms. McKenzie takes her readers on a journey where the two main characters hit rock bottom and desperately need a fresh start. So, it’s only natural that they would find each other and try to solve their problems, right? Charlotte is the perfect wife for a man like Jeremy, who really needs a new mother for his children and not just another housekeeper, and he knows it. A must-read story that will leave you wanting to know how everything turns out.

Anthony Carbonell