Laiden's Daughter

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Left motherless as a wee bairn, Aishlinn has suffered mightily  at the hands of her step-father and brother.   After growing up in isolation and servitude she is traded by her brothers to the depraved Earl of  Penrith.  She makes a desperate escape, fleeing England for the Scottish highlands, where she is rescued by Duncan McEwan and his men.  
Fearless and braw, Duncan is the future Laird of Clan McDougall.  He has no idea how this lass, beaten nearly to death, broken in spirit and in dire need of his protection will change his life completely.  He is captivated by her beauty and her gentle ways.  Although Duncan has sworn to protect her and return her to her kin, he is just as determined to have her for his own. 

Lovers of medieval Scotland and Julie Garwood, rejoice!  Here is a story rife with brogues and Gaelic love words, brawny Highlanders and giants named Wee William.  The romance is gentle, sweet and slow-paced, which presents a bit of a problem near the end of the book.  The broken young woman with no sense of self-worth suddenly becomes audacious, flirtatious and daring in the space of a few pages.   

Laiden's Daughter definitely delivers a sweet, quiet story of the healing power of love.  A subtle set-up for the next book in the series will leave readers wanting to follow Ms.Tisdale on more of her Highland adventures.

Tammy Grant