A Lady's Vanishing Choices


Bethany Anne Littleton does her best to keep her spirits up in the face of the abuse she suffers at the hands of her Aunt and Uncle.  Pushed to her limits by their mean-spirited barbs, she flees to the woods to enjoy a brief respite.  Her sanctuary is invaded by an unknown man burying a body and she becomes an unwilling pawn in a desperate game of murder and intrigue. The only man with enough power to save her is the handsome Royce Carrington, Fourth Earl of Rivton.  Powerful and intelligent, he knows that he must win Bethany’s trust before he can unravel the intrigue that threatens to take her life.  


“A Lady’s Vanishing Choices" is a re-telling of the classic Cinderella tale mixed with intrigue and murder.  The prose is formal, like that of a fairy tale, while still being very readable and nicely descriptive.  This not insignificant talent will serve Ms. Woodson well when she decides to write stories of more substance and complexity.

The characters of Bethany and Royce lack any real depth in this situation-driven tale.  Often the two are irritating and the conflict between them appears forced; as if only there in order to move the story along.  This does not stop the novel from being a good read.  For those looking for an entertaining interlude curled up on the couch with a nice glass of wine, “A Lady’s Vanishing Choices” is indeed a good choice.  

Gwenellen Tarbet