The Lady Knights of Barony: Kings of Cardenas #2.5


 Book One: The Hellion
 Ava is the daughter of a blacksmith, trained not only to inherit the family trade, but to be a warrior.  As captain of the women's regiment, she pursues the villain, Dorian Blake, but is kidnapped before she is able to set out.
Julian Vincent has been hired by Dorian, who is determined to have Ava at any cost. But, Julian falls for Ava and cannot bring himself to deliver her into Dorian’s evil hands.

Book Two: Beloved
Mudiwa, a huntress of Africa and a King's concubine, is in love with another man.  Adultery is punishable by death and Mudiwa is devastated when she and Asita are discovered.  She is shown mercy by being sold as a slave but manages to flee by ship to Barony.  Now a soldier with the ladies regiment, seeking the location of Dorian Blake, she is captured. As she escapes, she is badly wounded and discovered by Issac Prideaux, the heir to a sugar cane plantation. Now, he must choose between his responsibility and his new found love for her.

 Book Three: The Accidental Groom
 Hanako marries samurai Kiyoshi Taka, a vain and heartless man, but runs away before the wedding night to find freedom in Barony. Shortly after returning from Martinique with the women's regiment , she is pursued by her husband who refuses to be made a fool.  Afraid of Kiyoshi, she invents a faux marriage to Lord Garrick Overton, who has always admired Hanako. But can Hanako give up her independence and her heart to Garrick?

Three novellas seem daunting in one book, but each continue the main story and have a unique backstory which gives depth to the characters. The individual love stories add the depth needed to anchor the book nicely. The third book is the least appealing, as the characters are extremely wishy washy.  There is an incredible amount of action packed into this book from beginning to end. All three women are strong, independent and can kick some butt! A win for those readers who love feisty, powerful heroines with a tender side!

Margaret Faria