The Lady of the Imperial City


All anyone wants is to fall in love and be happy, and Lady Kieri is no different. She is a lady by birth but her provincial upbringing doesn’t allow for her to have her first choice in husbands. To be loveless and to play second to a man that already has a wife or to be used as a pawn by her uncle seem to be her only options, until she meets Kyõ. He is handsome, sweet, caring, and off limits. Lady Kieri finds Kyõ, whom she believes to be the “one”. Through trials, love, heartache, and perseverance Lady Kieri and Kyõ must either find a way to let love conqueror all or be separated forever.

Laura Kitchell has written a wonderful story filled with amazing characters and a unique story that is timeless. Writing what you know and understand makes a huge difference to readers. The author spent time in Japan as a child, which has helped to fuel an understanding that is unique and completely accurate. “The Lady of the Imperial City” is a magnificent tale of heartache, love, and of overcoming obstacles that stand in the way of happiness. Lady Kieri and Kyõ might be compared to Cinderella and Prince Charming but in the reverse. They are both distinctive characters that readers can fall in love with and can root for before the story is even half way complete. Laura Kitchell is an amazing storyteller and readers will be left wanting more! 

Mary-Nancy Smith