Lady Hope and the Duke of Darkness (Baxendale Sisters Book 3)


REGENCY:  Lady Hope is entering her first season in London and she has her sights set on marrying a Duke. Unfortunately, there are few Dukes who have put in an appearance so far. Suddenly, Frenchman Daniel Brienne, Duc du Tenebres is on the scene. She had met him on a previous occasion, but considers him out of the question - she wants to marry an Englishman. Every ball Hope attends, Daniel is there, waiting to dance with her. She feels a strange attraction to him, as he does for her. Will Hope change her stance and “settle” for a French Duke?


The three main characters are delightful and are full of life and vigor and Hope’s sisters also add adventure to the story. Sadly, the secondary figures seem flat and shallow, with nothing to them but what is seen on the surface. There are several editing issues throughout the novel (missing words and duplication of words) which interrupt the flow of the tale, however, the storyline is beautifully written and absolutely captures the reader’s attention from the very first. Ms. Andersen adds several minor mishaps throughout the novel to make it more realistic and plays off the emotions of the reader. "Lady Hope and the Duke of Darkness" is the final of the Baxendale Sisters trilogy, and a fast-paced tale that can be read in a single sitting.


Belinda Wilson