The Lady of the Garter


Lady Elena of Warwickshire disguises herself as a squire in hopes of becoming a knight, and to get closer to the man she loves. Unsure if she still exists in Sir James of Somerset's heart, she is determined to find out even at the current risk she is clearly taking. Hope abounds with a new king on the throne while Sir Nicholas, Earl of Dunster,  is like many of England's nobles who seek further influence with his majesty.  However, Nicholas also has revenge on his mind, and that includes the elimination of all those who stand in his path. James and Elena get caught in his web and have to prove themselves both on the battlefield and in love.


Full of exciting elements such as jousts, kidnapping, mystery and deception while combining elements of chivalry and love, this historical takes the reader on an adventurous and romantic ride! Though Elena and James lack some lustre they do grow in the readers' affection. Elena is feisty and determined while James is equally as stubborn, causing their romance to brew from weak to strong and occasionally back to weak again. Elena's ambition to become a knight is a very unlikely possibility and not a wish that any reigning King would ever grant.  Yet, indulgence of the imagination is an entertaining factor overall.


Margaret Faria