Lady Faith Takes a Leap (The Baxendale Sisters Series: Book Two)


REGENCY:  Faith Baxendale was in the market for a husband, and while many suitors sought her attentions, few met her high standards. Those standards demanded someone who intrigued her, made her smile, and could love her, as she wanted to love and be loved. 


Lord Vaughn Winborne had a notorious reputation, but not all that was said equaled truth. He was a man fighting to redeem himself, be worthy in the eyes of his family, and to find a woman to call his wife. Fate would have it that Faith and Vaughn had captured each others hearts unwittingly as youth, and now reality brought them together again. 


Those who seek adventure sometimes regret what they ask for, but not Faith. While not thrilled to be kidnapped, it did bring her fully into Vaughn's arms and re-opened her heart. None could ever compare to the man she loved. Ms. Anderson captivates with her tale of intrigue and chivalry as Vaughn rescues not one, but two ladies in distress. Nothing is more delightful than a knight in shining armor! This is not a mere tryst but a love affair for the ages, meant to remind readers that true love is out there and meant to be attained. The plot twists are spot on and the characters provide the right amount of attitude to keep the entertainment level high. This is a tale to be remembered, as it sparks all the right notes to meet the standards of romantic inspiration and intrigue. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto