Lady Chance (Regency Ladies in Distress #2)


REGENCY:  Diana is a widow who has grown tired of life in the English country. Her cousin Jules invites her to go to Paris with him to help him with a mission. He seeks out those who are dangerous to France and plotting assassinations. France has just restored a king to the throne after banishing Napoleon to Elba. Diana, or Lady Chance, is playing cards one night when she spies Major Giles Taliaris, a former sweetheart who served in emperor’s army. After she shuns Giles, her cousin informs her she must act as his sweetheart in order to discover any secrets he may be harboring. She is torn because she still has feelings for him, but is hurt because he never contacted her after she was forced to flee Paris before the war. How will she ever be able to overcome her conflicted feelings for this handsome Frenchman?


"Lady Chance" is an exciting historical novel filled with French history during and after the Napoleonic years. Diana, Jules, and Giles are well-developed characters with many layers to their personalities, which keep them fresh throughout the piece. In contrast, the majority of the secondary characters are two-dimensional; they serve their purpose and are then gone. The members of the "Black Cabinet" are fascinating and perhaps could have been developed further. Some minor editing is required, but not enough to bring down the rating.  Ms. Donnelly is very creative, and has a very interesting plot twist that is quite amazing. This is a longer tome that takes some time to read, but it is well worth it!


Belinda Wilson