Lady Annabelle's Abduction


MYSTERY/REGENCY:  Lady Annabelle Chatfield isn’t looking forward to her upcoming marriage. No young miss wants to marry a man her father’s age. She is just coming to terms with it, and the fact that her future husband will save her family from debts her brother incurred.  So, it is far from welcome when a stranger climbs through her window and kidnaps her in the middle of the night! 


That kidnapper, commonly referred to only as Hawk, needs Annabelle to enact his revenge against her betrothed. The last thing he expected (or needed) was to start caring for her. There is no life for him in England, and Annabelle deserves better than to be forced to flee her homeland.  That is, if she actually cared for him at all.  The situation is completely hopeless. Or is it?

"Lady Annabelle's Abduction" is a humorous romp that unites a virginal and proper young miss with the rogue that kidnapped her. While the book is highly entertaining, it falls short in the romance department. The way that Annabelle and Hawk fall in love is just not believable enough. There is plenty of drama that fits the mood of the story and the cast of characters is impressive, especially for such a short piece.  However, those same characters don’t blend together smoothly, as only bits and pieces of their histories are provided. Those bumps aside, it’s perfect for a reader looking for a light and funny Regency read!

Ana Smith