The Lady and the Spy (the Ladies of Sommer by the Sea Book 2)

Ruth A

Lady Patrice Montgomery Edgemont is done with men since both her husband and potential suitor were not who they appeared to be. Patrice and Lord Benedict Edgemont were friends and played games together as children, once married he became distant but only to protect her from his dangerous life as a spy. After Edgemont’s death—which she later learns was an assassination—Nikolai Baranov is found in her hunting lodge and the adventure begins. She and Nikolai brave a blizzard, retrieve a key broach and the list of Napoleon’s supporters her husband was killed over. Patrice is left home sorting through Edgemont’s journal and letters he was never able to send when she discovers the final key to the puzzle, the location of Napoleon’s supplies. But will Patrice and Nikolai solve the puzzle of their relationship?
The puzzles and story are an incredible page turning journey, full of suspense and mystery. Patrice is a strongly written feminine character and the heroine of her own story, who finds the adventure she craves. Her love of solving puzzles and her quick thinking truly solve the great mystery and save the day, while Nikolai provides her safety and protection. Mystery, adventure, light romance, suspense, drama, and several puzzles, all wrapped up in one wonderful package for the reader to open and follow along. In the end, Patrice ends up with both the love and adventure she craves, even though she had resigned herself to being a cautious widow. While light in the romance department, “The Lady and the Spy” is a page turner with unexpected twists to solve until the very end!
Amy Rubottom