Knight Protector (Knight Chronicles #2)


MEDIEVAL:  After a simple kiss with the wrong brother dissolved an engagement and resulted in a feud between her family and the Marr clan, Lady Sorcha thought her dreams of love were over. Years later, she’s been blackmailed into marrying her enemy and is caught between a family that has disowned her for marrying a Marr, and the Marr clan, who hate her. When Sir Colin Marr arrives on the night of his twin’s death to investigate traitors to Scotland he takes the opportunity to assume his brother’s identity and uncover the traitors, but can he do so and still protect Sorcha, or has his love for the Lady he never forgot placed them both in even more danger?


A historical romance full of conspiracies, mystery, and romance, “Knight Protector” is a story of learning to trust again. Sorcha is a loving person betrayed, but strong and willing to work past previous misconceptions. Colin is loyal past reason at times and protective to a fault. Between the two, sparks fly instantly, and even if the reasoning behind the conspiracies become confusing at times and a few questions left unanswered, the steam alone will satisfy some romance lovers. With a steady pace and plenty of mystery, readers will find this to be a good historical romance where the enjoyment is in the journey to the end.


Sarah E. Bradley