A Knight for Kallen


Kallen de Mangeron has lived in a convent all of her life. When a new Mother Superior tells her of a family she has never heard of she is thrilled to meet them. When her family sends an escort to take her to her new home, she never imagines that she will find love on her journey. Griffith Summerby is tasked with bringing home the lost child of the de Mangeron family. He is still in mourning for his lost wife and child. What he doesn’t expect to find is a new love and new joy to his world. When misfortunes abound Griffith must decide how to win his love and keep her safe from her treacherous father. Will Kallen and Griffith’s love be enough to see them through whatever trials befall them or will they succumb to the pitfalls of pain and betrayal? 


Lauren Linwood is a spectacular storyteller! Readers will find themselves ensconced in a story of love, loss, heartache, and victory. A bit slow to start, once it gets going this story will keep readers up most of the night and into the next day just to find out what happens to Kallen and Griffith. With characters that are well developed and details that dazzle, “A Knight for Kallen” will be a book readers will want to revisit time and time again. Ms. Linwood has created a masterpiece that will have readers begging for a sequel! 


Mary-Nancy Smith