The Knight and the Rose (Forgotten Flowers of Flanders Book 2)


Beverielle has poor beginnings as the daughter of a tavern wench. When her mother dies, she is sent off to a priory until she is rescued by Lady Isabella. She learns she is the bastard daughter of Duke Philip of Burgundy, and she is to live in the castle. Once there, Roidh Keegan, a Scotsman, catches her eye, but she is married off to a mean Italian who treats her brutally. When the Italian is killed protecting Duke Philip, she becomes a pregnant widow. She is frightened she will be sent to Italy since she carries the Italian’s babe. Lady Isabella formulates a plan. She is to fake a miscarriage using goats blood. Then she and Roidh will handfast and make their way to Scotland. Roidh has had his eye on Bevvie for some time, but must return home because his father has died for he is now the Laird of the clan.

“The Knight and the Rose” has well fleshed out characters whom are enjoyable to get to know. Beverielle is a healer; and throughout the tome, she recites recipes for restoratives. Lady Isabella is a very sympathetic woman who manages to circumvent some of her husband’s wishes and helps with love matches. The author attempts to have Roidh speak with a Scottish brogue, but fails. An otherwise good story drags because there are too many details, so the reader gets bogged down. An abrupt ending leaves the reader feeling bereft. There are several unexpected twists within the story making parts of the tale a page-turner. Lively at times, this novel has lots of surprises between its covers!

Belinda Wilson