Knight and Day (Gentlemen of Knights #3)


Edmund Knight is a vicar with a unique calling. He’s made it his business to save as many young women from forced prostitution as he can, no matter how many enemies it wins him. Lady Isabella Hartmere thinks her father is finally bringing her to London to enjoy the theatre. Instead, she’s handed over to a madame, stripped, and put up for auction at a brothel. It seems, in the blink of an eye, her safe and pampered life as the daughter of a duke is over. Just before she can be abused and ruined, Edmund and his brother step in and steal her away. Now disguised and on the run, Isabella must stay hidden from the danger behind her. Little does she know her perils have just begun.

“Knight and Day” is a thrilling, action-packed ride through the regency lifestyle of the ‘bon ton’. The richly portrayed social world and well-drawn settings provide an expertly detailed backdrop for scintillating family drama. Elizabeth Johns has a knack for emphasizing the social rankings and prejudices of the time, as well as the importance of family ties. Readers looking for more action and intrigue in a Regency romance will be rewarded with the surprising number of twists and turns in this read. Seekers of sizzling sex scenes will need to look elsewhere. This is a chaste love story between a priest and an innocent, sheltered young woman. Though the romance lacks a bit of spice, the story more than makes up for that with wildly high stakes and shocking right turns. “Knight and Day” is a gratifying page-turner readers will not want to put down!

Starling Gray