To Kiss a Wallflower (Timeless Regency Collection Anthology)

Jen Geigle Johnson, Heather B. Moore &
Anneka R. Walker

“To Kiss a Wallflower” is a three-story anthology including ‘The Wallflower’s Dance’, ‘Letters to a Wallflower’, and ‘To Marry a Wallflower’. The stories are all standalone and complete. In ‘The Wallflower’s Dance’, shy and introverted Lottie Hughes relies on her two friends, Denny and Grace, to guide her through the social season. When Lottie becomes an heiress, she’s suddenly inundated with attention. However, all she wants is the attention of her good friend, Lord Dennison Ragsdale. In ‘Letters to a Wallflower’, beautiful Ellen Young is tired of people seeing her only for her beauty. She accepts a dare that will quickly change her life and lead her to true love. In ‘To Marry a Wallflower’, Charlotte Winters is promised to a man she’s never met. A case of double-hidden identity will cause trouble for both Charlotte and her intended groom.

This three-story anthology definitely has its ups and downs. All three stories are entertaining, with each one relying on a different Regency trope. Friends-to-lovers, Lottie and Denny, will steal your heart. In the second story, both Ellen and Aaron are engaging characters. Tired of the demands of society, they enter into a pact to save themselves from the ton. The story has some comedic moments and interesting supporting characters. The third story in the anthology includes a trope of arranged marriage, but with a unique twist. The growth of both characters as they fall in love with their alter egos is very entertaining. Fans of Regency Romance will want to read all three of the stories in this anthology!

N.E. Kelley