A Kiss for Midwinter

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Miss Lydia Charingford, the eleventh prettiest lady in all Leicester, has always found the good in people. The only person who makes this difficult is Doctor Jonas Grantham, whose eyes and smiles remind her of a past she’d rather forget. So, when the good doctor proposes a wager-  “that I could show you a situation before Christmas that would be beyond even your capacity for good cheer,” he says, then promises that if he loses he will never talk to her again (her requirement,)  she can’t say yes fast enough. What she couldn’t have predicted was that she might grow to like the dratted man. If like is the right word for the wild feeling that consumes her. Not to mention, her forfeit would be a kiss…
Jonas has loved Miss Lydia for years and has never gotten more than disdain from her. He knows why and the event in question still leaves him feeling shame. This wager, though, might be a way for her to get to know him, and see something good in him. He knows he’s not an easy man to love,  but he still dreams of her love and kisses for midwinter…
There are no words to describe the greatness that is Courtney Milan! The Goddess in question writes with richness of detail and beauty of words that is unsurpassed! Lydia and Jonas feel incredibly real and unique and so does their story.  As a consequence the perfect Christmas recipe is:
1) Hot chocolate
2) A cozy nestling place
A “Kiss for Midwinter” by your new favorite author!
...Doctor’s orders.
Mimi Smith