The Kiss of Love (The Book of Love 6)


Honey Farthingale is not the usual debutante. Not only does she come from trade, she actually works in the family business of creating soaps and scents! Even if that does not put off a potential suitor, Honey has a deeply held secret that means marriage is not on the cards. But what about a kiss? Thomas Halford, Earl of Wycke, might be a jaded earl, but something about Honey intrigues him. He persuades her to join his house party. There, the two begin a journey driven by the Book of Love that Honey has brought along. While the two grow closer, Honey's secret and the machinations of others threaten to tear them apart. Can love truly overcome all?

"The Kiss of Love" serves up a delicious dish of romance, humor and family bonds! The fact that this is the sixth book in the series accounts for the number of Farthingales and relationships that made the beginning a bit of a challenge, and yet, there is also the desire to buy books 1 to 5 to learn about all the other matches brought together by the Book of Love. Honey is honorable, intelligent, and compassionate and a perfect match for Tom, an earl who finds himself caretaker to a mother whose mental condition is deteriorating. The story tugs on emotional heartstrings delicately balancing humor with the real pain of watching a loved one slip away. There is also the suspense of wondering if Honey’s secret will be revealed to London society to keep readers turning the page. For a delightful and entertaining historical romance, "The Kiss of Love" hits the target!

Tricia Hill