The King of Threadneedle Street


In addition to her talent as an excellent housekeeper and that of being a promising artist, Alysia has the unique distinction of being the daughter of the legendary courtesan, Violet Villier. This stigma has followed Alysia wherever she has lived, even after the passing of her mother. She has always tried to be as respectable and dutiful as she could, despite her dubious lineage. This has proved to be no easy task more than once because her protector's son, Andrew, Lord Preston, is in love with her, and she with him. They were at one time childhood playmates, then sweethearts. Now that they are older, because of her parentage, marriage to Lord Preston is out of the question.

Ms. Densley has nearly written a love story one would love to read. Unfortunately, the predictable storyline and lack of depth in both plot and characters hinder this book from getting off the ground. The reader is stuck after each new plot development in the same old predicament... 1. Alysia and Andrew are in love. 2. They can't keep their hands off each other. 3. They must use self control 4. He wants to marry ...she thinks she will ruin his life because of her infamous mother. 5. She tries to run away so he can meet someone else and be happy. 6. He finds her (mental eye roll.) This pretty much constitutes their repeated romantic interludes and the plot. Now, this is not to say that some readers might just enjoy this type. They will. Many, though, may think that more rising action and a better editing job would be just the ticket to make this a book to truly love.


Beth Chamberlin