King Takes Queen (Ladies of Risk Book 3)

Rachel Ann

Lord Drake, Anthony MacMillian, and his best friend’s sister, Lady Minerva Marlbury, have been secretly in love with one another for as long as they can remember. However, Anthony could not give her a marriage, especially if that meant she could not have a family in the future. When the lord is threatened to be banished from English soil, though, beating the lady in a game of chess may be his only hope at not losing her forever. Minerva feels the same for Anthony, but she is a woman of her word and until she loses a game of chess, she vows to never get married. Will Anthony have what it takes to beat Minerva at her own game, or will she find herself losing her chance to be Anthony’s bride?

This historical love story is short but sweet, with an engaging plotline and two characters that readers crave to see together in the end. The chemistry sparks fireworks throughout the book, and readers may need to set it down for a minute to compose themselves from this ravishing novel. The protagonists are very stubborn with one another, which can get quite predictable and frustrating to read about. However, watching Minerva fight for her independence, even during a timeline where she doesn’t get much freedom, was strikingly empowering for readers. There are some unfulfilled gaps from other characters’ stories that are probably from the books before this one in the series, which can put off readers who just picked this up as a stand-alone; but regardless it’s a satisfying short romance that wraps up the magnificent plotline with a perfect ending.

Austen Grace