Kilty Pleasures (Clash of the Tartans)

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It’s 1614 A.D. on the Isle of Skye in the Sea of Hebrides. Lady Kyla MacKeegan, also known as Captain Lion because of her long red hair, sets sail for the Lowlands to return a guest of her father’s. It’s not long before it’s clear Laird Corbin Lochwood is not at all honorable.

Laird Broderick Maxwell, Warden of the Solway, is on look-out for vessels carrying contraband, especially Corbin Lochwood. Brodrick hits his mark and sinks Kyla’s birlinn. Broderick rescues as many as he can from the water including Kyla. He puts her under arrest and into custody at Caerlochnaven Castle, but not in the usual way he takes most prisoners, astride his horse with him. Broderick’s little sister, Lily, cozies up to Kyla immediately and they become fast friends. And look out for Aiglon who is sure to give readers a soaring surprise.

There is so much to love about this book. Be prepared to experience a fascinating world abounding with the allure of the sea, country, era, and castles of Scotland. King James Stewart makes a delightful and heroic appearance. Enjoy history? Get ready to be enthralled! The Scottish brogue can be confusing at times for those who may not be accustomed to reading it, although it doesn’t pull too much away from the story. Excitement and tension builds between Kyla and Broderick throughout while they fall in love despite conflict and unseen enemies. The steam crescendos into a full force gale by the end of the book providing the much anticipated happy ever after. Squee!

Becca Windsor