Kilts in the Wind (Clash of the Tartans Book 5) 



Planned weddings are rarely known to go well, and it seems the more the nuptials have riding on them, the more complicated things can get. In order to broker peace between two rival clans so that a windmill that lies on the border can be refurbished, it is decided that Spencer McDool will marry Jane, the Laird’s daughter from the Lockie clan. With neither party thrilled with the arrangement, and a child’s life at stake, will Spencer and Jane be able to put their personal issues aside and do what is required to fulfill their duty, or will a string of miscommunications leave both clans without the resolution that is needed?

This romance set in the highlands of Scotland will quickly whisk readers up into the hills and keep them there until the story is complete. Although listed as book 5, this completely works as a stand-alone with no prior reading needed. Readers will be swept along by the story of Spencer and Jane, amused at the fact that both parties are masquerading as other characters, oblivious to the fact that the arranged marriage they are both avoiding, is in fact to each other. Throw in Jane’s brother, a young lad who is always hungry, but whose life and future as Laird is in jeopardy due to an evil stepmother, and readers have an almost two stories blended to make one seamless, page-turning adventure. Well-written and historically beautiful, fans of the genre will not want to miss this!

Melanie Newton