Kilted at the Altar (Clash of the Tartans #2)


Who jilted whom? Darroch MacKeegan vows vengeance when his intended bride, Isabel MacRain, fails to show up for a marriage arranged to settle the long feud between the MacKeegan and MacRain clans. Isabel’s father swears retribution in retaliation when Darroch jilts his daughter at the altar. Is this a simple case of cold feet, or does someone else stand to gain from the mix-up? Perhaps a young girl who never speaks can help solve the mystery and reconcile two people who were always meant to be together.

An inventive tale and a fresh twist on a common nuptial problem — jilting. Language, word choices, and setting are all true in this medieval genre piece. The turning point is when Isabel and Darroch realize they’ve been duped. The reader might find believing the plot to be a bit of a stretch, based on a misunderstanding that could have been easily cleared up with a visit to the other clan. However, since it was not, the reader now has an interesting story to read. Who could gain from rival clans remaining enemies? Strong technical writing, good pacing, and characterization make up for the weaker intrigue and inventiveness. Kyla, Darroch’s wee daughter, is a darling and steals many of the scenes. 

Emerson Matthews