Just a Little Gamble (The Brotherhood Book 8)


LGBTQ: The search continues on for Blake Williamson’s son. Blake Williamson is a part of the Brotherhood, a society of gay men that protect each other. This search brings together Samuel Percy and Cameron Oberlin. Samuel Percy is a Black man, on his way to becoming a world famous composer. Cameron Oberlin works for the man who is trying to help Blake Williamson. Their only clue is to find the Black Widow - which just so happens to be Samuel’s sister. These two are paired together to track her down. They find themselves drawn to each other, but each has a past that threatens their hope for the future. Can they overcome their history to help the investigation and allow themselves to fall in love?

Do not read in public, because others will be staring at the constant, “aww” or “hot damn!” exclamations! There is no in-between. Readers who love the opposites attract trope will love this relationship. Cameron is shy and scarred from a previous sexual encounter, and Samuel is not afraid to act on his impulses. The author does an amazing job at describing the experiences of LGBTQ and Black communities during this time period. It is also mentioned that Samuel is actually inspired by a real composer from history. However, the main point of finding the child seemed to get lost several times over the course of this story. There is also the overuse of certain words which can become irritating to the reader. But the characters really shine! Readers will be sighing out loud over these two heroes, finally finding love in each other.

Amanda Hupe