It’s Only a Scandal If You’re Caught (The May Flowers Book 2)


Inspector Jack Craig of Scotland Yard and Lady Bianca Marlowe have flirted for five years but have no idea how to make society accept a marriage between them. He is the son of a whore, and she is the daughter of an Earl. Bianca is aching to spread her wings now that she is twenty-three but is still living at home. Her mother, Katya, has a proposition for her daughter. Bianca may have the use of her St. John’s flat for two days and nights a week but must have no male company. Bianca has other thoughts on how she will use the flat. She cannot wait to tell Jack the news. Six weeks blissfully pass by, meeting clandestinely. Meanwhile, Jack is trying to find the culprit who nearly beat Lord Fergus O’Shea to death simply because he is an Irishman.
“It’s Only a Scandal If You Get Caught” is a fast-paced story that  immediately draws the reader in! The main characters, Bianca and Jack, are well fleshed out and have depth as well as back stories. They take unnecessary risks, however. Although not a cliff-hanger, Jack never solves his case in this tale. There are many characters of the nobility introduced, but none of them have any depth. Also, most of the characters yell frequently indicating their only emotion is anger. At Jack’s age, he should have thought at some point to purchase some French letters, but pregnancy never crossed his mind. The whores at the wedding were a colorful, if not supportive, touch, representing Jack’s family. Overall, a fun to read tale!
Belinda Wilson