Isolated Hearts (Legends of Love Book 2)


When Giselle de Courtenay’s mother dies, she finds out that her father is the Laird of a Scottish clan in Glenross, Scotland. Her mother’s dying wish is for her daughter to go to her father’s home. Luc de Warenne, a highly commended Knight, is selected to escort Giselle in exchange for land of his own. Luc rescues Giselle and saves her from burning and drowning when their boat catches fire while at sea. After spending almost three months on a deserted island, a rescue party arrives. Now, Luc and Giselle have to make some important decisions that will affect them both for the rest of their lives. 


“Isolated Hearts” is a wonderful and enchanting tale of life, love, and secrets. Although the second book in a series, it is distinct enough to stand on its own. Avril Borthiry is an excellent storyteller. Her characters are lifelike, her plot is original, and her descriptions are spectacular. A few of Ms. Borthiry’s characters lack in real depth, but they are unique in and of themselves. Readers will be able to relate to some of the characters’ struggles about decisions that everyone must make at some point in their lives. Ms. Borthiry’s attention to accurate detail of the period is excellent. The book does suffer from a sluggish pace in a couple of places, but it does not take away from the entire story. Readers will adore “Isolated Hearts” and will certainly anticipate the next book in the series.


Mary-Nancy Smith