The Iron Earl – A Valor of Vinehill Novel

K. J.

Filled with desperation, Evalyn draws on untapped courage to finagle a promise from Lachlan, Lord Dunhaven to assist her in escaping from her evil stepfather. Seeing his chance for revenge on the man responsible for his older brother’s death, Lachlan agrees to allow Evalyn to accompany him and his men on their return to home in Scotland.  Will their journey filled with self-discovery and peril lead them to a love able to withstand the machinations of a cantankerous grandfather, the viciousness of a malicious stepfather, and the perverted desires of a greedy despot? They must both learn to trust in themselves and each other to arrive at a future they both desire.

K. J. Jackson’s first novel in her series, A Valor of Vinehill, will have readers desperate to know if two people can overcome their traumatic pasts to trust their love for each other. The storyline delivers a heroine determined to power through her paralyzing fears and a hero willing to put aside his consuming rage to make her feel safe. The memorable characters will bring forth head shaking smiles and a couple of laugh out loud moments. The dastardly villains will inspire fist clenching rage and the need for justice. The burning sensuality between Eva and Lach will leave one breathless. The desire to roam the countryside of long ago Scotland will be sorely felt. Ms. Jackson manages to deliver a new twist to the damsel in distress, knight in shining armor, historical romance that readers will find very enjoyable and compelling enough to wonder what she has in store for everyone with her upcoming tales of valor.

Tonya Mathenia