Introducing Miss Joanna (Once a Wallflower Book 2)


Miss Joanna Dalrymple is thrown into society when her father inherits a fortune from a relative. He is determined to ensure she has the proper upbringing. At her first ball, she is introduced to Lord Reade. He is tall, dark, and there is something about him that she cannot resist. Gareth Reade is an agent of the crown. The Prince Regent has requested that Gareth investigate the disappearances of women that have occurred. He meets Joanna and there is an immediate attraction. When it appears Joanna may be in danger, he makes it his mission to make sure she is protected while trying to fight his feelings for her.

This historical romance has it all: mystery, intrigue, and a very hot alpha male who is on a mission. It is a little cliché in certain aspects of the plot, however the story has twists and turns that will have reader’s heads spinning! Gareth is a dark and dangerous character, and when he is paired with innocent Joanna, sparks sure start to fly. This is unquestionably a good read for a cold night, but expect to read it in one sitting as it is a definite page turner! Maggi Andersen knows historical romance, and the captivating quality of this book has proved it. A great addition to the Once A Wallflower series, “Introducing Miss Joanna” has an engaging plot, varied and fun characters, and sizzling chemistry. Addicting from the very first page!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick