Incense & Peppermints


WOMEN'S FICTION:  It’s 1970 and Cindy Sweet is a nurse who has just joined the Army and is shipping out to Vietnam. She is ill-prepared for the sights she will see and the heartbreak she will experience during her tour of duty. Her commanding officer, Cap Bren, is a heartless, steely-eyed woman who seems to have no sympathy for the nurses under her charge. She expects them to work, looking death straight in the eye, with never a reaction. Kind- hearted Cindy disobeys orders more than once while she is in this hell hole, trying to relieve even the dying of their suffering.


This novel leaves a great impression on the reader even days after the last page is turned. The characters are so believable that one falls in love with them and is heartbroken when they are ultimately killed. This work is a real tear-jerker, and will leave the reader in tears of both despair and of happiness. It is such a realistic portrayal of what happened during those bloody days over in Vietnam and what the troops did to keep their sanity.  This piece will change the reader’s life, and give them a whole new perspective on the Vietnam War as seen through a young woman’s eyes as she evolves from a young naïve farm girl into a hardened war healer.


Belinda Wilson