If Not for the Duke (The Duke’s Lost Treasures Book 3)

Lana Williams

Lena Wright is the youngest of her sisters and the only one unmarried, but marriage isn’t in the cards for her. Her gift of premonition is not something people understand. Sterling Dunworth, the Duke of Renwick, has learned over the years to mistrust most people. The beauty who saved his sister doesn’t seem to want anything from him, but she is hiding something. For her part, Lena is curious about the letters Renwick’s sister possesses relating to the Oak Island treasure her father spent his life searching for. While neither Lena nor the duke completely trusts the other, and the hunt for the treasure stands between them, the attraction between them grows. Danger, however, lurks near, and soon Lena and Sterling must risk their lives. Can a duke learn to open his heart to the greatest treasure of all—the love of a spirited lady?

Like a treasure map, “If Not for the Duke” takes readers on an exciting journey, sharing moments of touching emotions, unexpected intrigue, and captivating romance! Lena is a delight with her quiet assurance and strong sense of loyalty to her family. Sterling is stuffy in his title, yet clearly loves his sister. That both have issues of trust makes for a strong conflict as does the hunt for the Oak Island treasure. As they navigate their feelings, Lena’s insistence that the duke’s smile and his need for just one kiss will warm the reader’s hearts. While this can be read as a standalone, readers will want to pick up the first two books in the series. “If Not for the Duke” sparkles with a hunt for the perfect prize—love! 

Tricia Hill