Ice Cream Camelot


Billy Neblett is a tween growing up in the 60’s, within a melting pot life of Catholic school, music, girls, drinking, and cars. He is always getting in trouble joyriding, skipping school, and fighting, while his parents hope he will live to adulthood!  Billy’s passion is music, and his transistor radio is constantly playing anything from doo wop to rock and roll.  As his music obsession grows, he gets a job at a local music studio with the popular DJs.  Billy also lives in a time of life-changing events  in his country– the JFK presidency, the space race, man walking on the moon, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the civil rights movement, and the Vietnam War.  He experiences the tragedy of death at an early age, with the loss of his aunt and his best friend, all while struggling to understand love.

Ice Cream Camelot is heart warming yet age-old story of a boy trying to find himself as he grows into a man.  It is a snap shot of a young boy’s life, coming of age as the world goes through its own growing pains.  Although a familiar theme, the writer has a great turn of phrase, as Billy chronicles his story.  He tells the reader what’s on his mind and in his heart, with a touching inside look at the thoughts, hopes, and dreams of adolescence.  The book would have benefited from editing, as grammatical and spelling errors were noticeable*.  Still, Ice Cream Camelot will tug at the reader’s heartstrings, as Billy as opens his soul and shares his growing years!

Victoria Z. Burg

* The author has graciously informed InD'Tale that the editing problems such as spelling and grammar were duly noted and corrected for the final, published book.