Ruth A.

In 1288 England, Charlotte Eden and Hugh Talbot meet by chance at a friend’s home. They quickly become enamored and determine that they wish to be married. Hugh is excited to invite Charlotte, a talented archer, to an archery competition where she will also have the opportunity to meet him family. At this gathering, however, Hugh discovers that his father has been hiding a major secret—one that may jeopardize his and Charlotte’s blossoming relationship. He is not the only one with secrets. Charlotte has her own secrets, as does her father. When the various secrets begin to intertwine, a wedge is formed between the couples and many lives are at stake. 

Ruth A. Casie constructs a unique and thrilling romance full of mystery and intrigue. The plot itself is incredibly unique and leaves the reader on the edge of their seat until they can discover the outcome. Her pacing to create that suspense is flawless. At several times throughout the book, however, the wrong character’s name is used in a scene. This leaves the reader scratching their head, wondering when that character entered the scene—only to discover they never did. While the main characters are charmingly written, the villains could use a little more fleshing out as they are only occasionally mentioned throughout this book. As a result, the revelation of who is behind the conflict is not as shocking or thrilling as it could be. Despite these flaws, “Hugh” is a highly enjoyable read with a fun cast of characters and begs for future appearances from the lovable characters—particularly Hugh’s loving family. 

Shailyn Rogers