How to Steal a Thief’s Heart (Happy Ever Regency Book 4)


Pierce Byrne, Baron Markham, spies Caroline Hawkins at a ball. She piques his interest with her high-necked grey gown, thick spectacles and dull hair pulled severely back. He thinks of her as his "little grey mouse", and pursues her at every ball. Caroline wears this attire to repel suitors, as she has no desire to wed. Caroline just wants to care for the children’s home. Pierce is a Baron by day, thief  by night, seeking revenge for a wrong done two years ago. One stormy night, Caroline is called to the children’s home. On her way home, Pierce, as a masked rider, stops her coach and flings the door open to see Caroline! Intrigued at the sight of her without her disguise, Pierce is determined to discover her secrets. Caroline knows the bandit looks familiar but cannot place him. 

“How to Steal a Thief’s Heart” is an adventuresome tale of deceit, as everyone is either literally or figuratively wearing a mask to hide their true character. Each of the main characters has several layers of complexity making them intriguing to get to know. The world building is wonderful as the dilapidated children’s home can be “seen” as well as improvements made along the way. Caroline and Pierce both lead double lives of which no one is aware, adding humor to the story. The dialogue between Pierce and Caroline is fun and flirty, yet another facet of their personalities. This is a sweet romance, with an entertaining and convoluted plot!

Belinda Wilson