How to Steal a Lyon’s Fortune (The Lyon’s Den Connected World)


NOVELLA: Audrey uses the guise of a widow to get an audience with Mrs. Dove-Lyon. Most people want a marriage when they come to the Lyon’s Den, but Audrey just wants access to the event of the season, which is Vincent Lyon’s masquerade. It will be the perfect opportunity to steal—or rather, retrieve—a beautiful statue that rightfully belongs to her. Vincent Lyon is her step-father who took advantage of her mother. Mrs. Dove-Lyon manages to get Aubrey access, as long as she attends with Peter, a young man who is taking care of his sister and niece. The matriarch of his family is determined to marry him off, but he wants to find love on his own terms. Could a heist bring Audrey and Peter together?

Welcome back to the Lyon’s Den, and be prepared for quite the seductive heist! Reader won’t need to be familiar with the series to gather that Mrs. Dove-Lyon has a way of getting what she wants, and she is also quite the matchmaker! This book is just about 100 pages and can be read in one afternoon. Although the plot of this book is intriguing, the buildup takes longer than the conclusion, and while the characters are charming, it would have been wonderful if they were a little more fleshed out. However, there is no doubt about the chemistry between Peter and Audrey, which sizzles! Readers will find it wonderful that they both cherish honesty and are the rare romance couple that communicates well. Fans of this series will most certainly enjoy this latest installment!

Amanda Hupe